Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Late Night Muse

As I sit here, typing away on this noisy mechanical keyboard, trying to keep it low enough as to not wake the person sleeping on the floor below, I can't help but be struck by some sort of a muse.

It's strange how the day just sucks the inspiration out of me, it's like I just manage to get caught up in the mindless routines that drive so many of our sanities, but then at 2:15 AM, I'm struck with an urge.  No specific inclination, but an overall motivation to just do something.

Perhaps it's something worth looking into.  Yet I find some hesitance, some question as to whether or not my musings are worth publishing.

But then, society has shown an interest in the inane ravings of absolute nobodies, turning them into celebrities. (I'm talking about you Perez).

Perhaps, though, if I present an alternate persona, I might become successful...

Or maybe I could bombard you with pictures?  Well, I shall try it tonight.

Indeed, I shall try it.

And with that, I send you and your imagination to dream land.

Sweet dreams.

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